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Online Marketing Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of tweaking and contorting your website to make it attractive to the Search Engines. This trade, when applied, will help your website appear higher in the search results under desired targeted search terms.
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why do I need good website positioning (Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O.) for my website?
Optimizing, or strategically maintaining your websites’ free listing traffic, is an integral component of your online marketing campaign. Without good website positioning through S.E.O., a website has little chance of attracting visitors in most competitive market places.
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What are targeted search terms and why are they important to my website?
Targeted search terms are the “keywords” and “phrases” your target consumers are using to research your product/services online. It obviously makes sense to be found when your potential clients/consumers are researching your product/service.
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Can you guarantee that you will make my website #1 in the Free Listings?
No one can guarantee any position within the Free Listings. An S.E.O. firm can only guarantee that they will constantly work on a website to help its search rank improve. If you would like guaranteed visibility, that can be acquired through Paid Listings.
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What are Free Listings?
Free Listings are the general search results that are listed in order of relevance by Search Engines individual algorithms. Generally, websites that are not being optimized can only be found through paid advertising and cross-marketing traffic.
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What are Paid Listings?
Generally, there are two types of paid listings: Auction based paid advertising and advertising banners on other websites and Search Engines.
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What is cross-marketing traffic?
Cross-marketing traffic refers to the visitors that found a website as a direct result of other off-line marketing. For example, your print campaign will motivate an interested consumer to visit www.yourwebsite.com. That visit is a direct result of your print campaign, not your online advertising.
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I want to be competitive in my marketplace: Can Complete Online Marketing Solutions manage and maintain my Paid Listings?
Yes, Complete Online Marketing Solutions can manage all of your Online Advertising.
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What do you mean by the Search Engines will “index” my website?
When a Search Engine constantly “notices” your website and lists it within its search results, your website has been indexed. There is no guarantee that a Search Engine will index any website. Building the site properly and promoting it properly are very important factors in achieving Search Engine indexing for your website.
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What are the major Search Engines?
There are three major Search Engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN (Microsoft). These three Search Engines drive the majority of online traffic.
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